In VALENCO, we are experts in the design and management of construction projects, both turnkey and built-to-suit projects. We already developed over 50.000 m² of commercial and industrial projects in different regions of Spain.

The combination of our knowledge, expertise and extensive experience in commercial real estate makes us able to offer you the best Project Management services. We also have developed our own network of partners to ensure our clients they will always have the best professionals working on their projects and thus ensure an optimal management at the best cost and within the deadlines.

The development of real estate projects for commercial or industrial often represents a complex economical and technical challenge, making it necessary to have a good manager who can put together the needs of the commercial operators with the yield required by investors.

Furthermore, this kind of project requires a Project Manager who knows how to deal with all sectors of civil society in order to ensure a cordial and fruitful relationship between the project promoters and local authorities, representatives of citizens and neighbors shops as well as the others actors of the project such as architects, engineers, builders, landscape, etc.

We make your project a profitable business and with controlled costs.

By serving the needs expressed by both investors and owners or operators, VALENCO has managed to build a solid reputation in the real estate market and create client loyalty to manage its real estate assets and develop their construction projects.

We put much care in the details of each project from its conception to the delivery. Our work is always focused on ensuring the highest functionality and profitability of the project, keeping in close contact with our clients and partners. Our Proejct Management process and general working philosophy of the company is based on a global studying of our clients needs for each project, as well as adapting ourselves to the internal processes of each client in order to achieve greater understanding between all the people involved and together get the best final product.

With VALENCO, you choose the peace of mind of entrusting a high qualified and efficient Project Manager with your project.